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We will assess your oral health by our thorough general consultation and examination. Our treatments will begin with a professional hygiene-appointment and examination. Our highly experienced dentists will perform extensive examinations on both adults and children. You can expect biannual check-ups usually includes:

  • Complete screening of your teeth, gums, and soft tissues.
  • Overall teeth cleaning and polishing.
  • Cosmetic assessment for smile enhancement.
  • Screening of oral tissue abnormalities including cancerous or pre-cancerous tissues.
  • Diagnosing with advanced digital X-Rays to provide preventative dental care.
Our exclusive dental packages include:

Limited Consultation: Our team of dentists offers limited consultation to those patients who know what they want or treated. Therefore, we don’t charge a complete consultation fee.

Comprehensive Consultation: In a comprehensive consultation package, we usually take a considerable amount of time to go deep with the treatment strategies.


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