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Tooth extraction is a very common procedure and our team of experienced dentists will ensure you to offer healthy teeth and gums. Usually, we do not recommend tooth removal but to save the tooth; extraction is the only option. We at iPerfect Dental operate the whole process gently and painlessly.

There are many reasons to have a tooth extraction including tooth decay or infection, severe gum disease, cracked tooth and many more. There are three types of extraction are carried out in our clinic. They are:

Simple Extractions: The less complicated tooth removal comes under the procedure of simple extraction. The simple extraction procedure does not require any surgery. However, in a simple tooth extraction area, the tooth is anesthetized and it simply pulled out without the removal of gum or bone around the tooth. However, we advise undergoing a few dental examinations before the tooth extraction.

Surgical Extractions: Surgical extraction is the ultimate option if your tooth decay cannot be treated anymore. During the extraction procedure if the tooth is fractured very badly or has not erupted completely then a complex procedure like surgical extraction is needed. It is an invasive procedure. However, our dentists are experienced and access the latest technologies to make your tooth and gum healthy.

Wisdom teeth Removal: The wisdom tooth grows much later than the permanent teeth. Often, the tooth erupts in a problematic way. Therefore, tooth extraction may help you to prevent infection or other issues.

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