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Every smile is unique and beautiful. At iPerfect Dental, we have helped to create gorgeous smiles and provide a great option for anyone who does not want the traditional metal braces.

Why choose Invisalign?
  • It provides comfort.
  • It is safe.
  • Visually invisible.
  • Cost-effective
How does it work?

The Invisalign treatment opens up a new opportunity to get great confidence. Now, you will not feel any kind of discomfort with the traditional orthodontic works.

At first, we recommend our patients to undergo an examination to determine whether a treatment is required for braces in Bankstown. Once, you are approved for the treatment, the procedure begins from here. It includes:

  • Photographs of your teeth and face.
  • Scan dental impressions of your teeth.
  • Digital X Rays
  • Clear aligners are created; each of these aligners/ braces Bankstown will help move your teeth to the desired position

Do you want to achieve beautifully straight teeth? Contact iPerfect Dental today at (02) 97905757 for a free consultation.  


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