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Teeth whitening

The first feature an individual notices about a person is their smile. Gift yourself a confident smile today, using our treatments for teeth whitening in Bankstown.

Philips Zoom In-chair whitening

Philips Zoom is one of the most requested professional treatment brands where over 10 million people use it and are clinically verified to whiten teeth up to eight shades in less than 1 hour. Only dental professionals can provide the professional-strength teeth whitening of Philips Zoom, to ensure patient safety and provide quality results.

Why iPerfect Dental – Teeth Whitening in Bankstown?

Dr. Botham and her team enjoy providing the teeth whitening in Bankstown! Philips Zoom delivers quality results and we make sure we record your before and after results. All you have to do is relax during the treatment procedure and enjoy the results after the treatment.

Options to consider prior to teeth whitening in Bankstown


Crowns, fillings or veneers may be required to be changed, as they will not whiten during the treatment.


 An individual can experience sensitivity during and after the teeth whitening treatment. The dentist will use an appropriate sensitivity relief gel to manage the sensitivity.

Behaviors that may cause teeth discoloration:

Red wine, Berries, Smoking, Colored Food, Tea, Colored Sports Drinks and Coffee can discolor the teeth.


Results will vary between each individual; hence each individual’s teeth will whiten at a different rate and degree.

How does Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening work?

Philips Zoom teeth whitening works by altering the natural colour of the tooth. A whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide is applied to the surface of the tooth to penetrate the tooth’s enamel, causing a breakdown of the molecular bond that causes stains which neutralizes the teeth’s discoloration by whitening the internal dentin and the surroundings of the enamel.

Duration of the results:

The results of Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatment are permanent. However, lifestyle habits will impact the whiteness of your teeth following your Philips Zoom treatment. Certain types of food and beverages such as Red wine, colored food, Smoking, Tea, colored sports drink, berries, and coffee can cause discoloration to the teeth. To keep your teeth looking brightened we recommend flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day and having a regular check-up and cleanly done with the dentist.


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