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General dentistry

General Dentistry

General dentistry encompasses a broad range of diseases and disorders of the oral and maxillofacial region. Everyone should see a general dentist for routine oral health examinations, twice-yearly cleanings, and treatment of routine oral health complications, such as minor tooth decay

root canals

Root Canal Treatment Services

Root canals are valuable dental procedures used to treat and preserve teeth with badly infected roots. The pulp is the live portion of the tooth that extends into the root and contains nerve endings and tissues.


Dentures Services in Bankstown, NSW

Dentures are an effective and affordable way of replacing missing teeth. Composed of durable plastic resin and sometimes porcelain, both partial and full dentures can be fabricated to look and feel natural.

crowns and bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges Bankstown

Dental crowns and bridges are custom-fitted tooth prosthetics that are used to replace or restore damaged or missing teeth. Crowns – also known as caps – are fixed over the surfaces of natural tooth structures or dental implants. If you want ton know about crown bridge or crown tooth cost then feel free to reach out to us today.

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We will assess your oral health by our thorough general consultation and examination. Our treatments will begin with professional hygiene-appointment and examination. Our highly experienced dentists will perform extensive examinations...

preventive dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Preventative Dental care is a practice to free your teeth from a dental cavity. It helps to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, enamel wear and many more. The preventative dentistry is mostly recommended to the children. However, adults can avail the service as well.

restorative dental

Restorative Dental

If you have discoloured, misshapen or fractured teeth then restorative dentistry is for you. Restorative dentistry will restore your health and beauty of your smile. It is a broad category of dentistry to correct your decayed, damaged, misshapen or misaligned teeth.

gum diseases

Gum Diseases

Are you suffering from bleeding gum? Do you experience redness, bad breath or swelling? If the answer is yes, then you may need to diagnose for the periodontal disease. The periodontal disease is nothing but the infections of the gum. If you neglect the issue for a longer period...

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Tooth extraction is a very common procedure and our team of experienced dentists will ensure you to offer healthy teeth and gums. Usually, we do not recommend tooth removal but to save the tooth; extraction is the only option. We at iPerfect Dental operate the whole process gently and painlessly...

advanced dentistry

Advanced Dentistry

Advanced Dentistry: Implants: Root Canal Treatment: Prevention is better than cure – and it holds true. If you are suffering from a dental ache, then advanced dentistry will provide you the dental service and bring back your confident smile...

childrens dentistry

Childrens Dentistry: Local Children's Dentist Bankstown

The children dentistry is completely different from adult dental care. The children dentistry depends on the child’s age, cognitive development, and personality type. We always advise all parents to bring their kids to the clinic at the age of two...

smile perfection

Smile Perfection: Veneers, Invisalign & Cosmetic Dentist

Our dentists have many years of experiences to create a beautiful and confident smile. Do you have uneven or chipped teeth? iPerfect Dental will your perfect solution to help encase the surface of your front teeth. Have a look at our services...

Orthodontic Banner

Orthodontic: Braces in Bankstown, NSW

Cannot smile because you don’t have straight teeth? Gift yourself a confident smile today with Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces...

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening in Bankstown, Sydney

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Teeth whitening is a safe, affordable procedure we provide to lighten stained or discolored teeth. Browse our website to find out more about our dentist teeth whitening options and services.

advanced dentistry

Minor Oral Surgery: Dental Oral Surgeon Bankstown

Wisdom Tooth Removal: Tooth Extraction: Tooth Removal: Implants: Root Canal Treatment: Prevention is better than cure – and it holds true. If you are suffering from a dental ache, then advanced dentistry will provide you the dental service and bring back your confident smile...

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

All children (under 18 years old) can access free public dental services in NSW. All children seen by public dental services receive the same high-quality care regardless of their eligibility for CDBS and no fees are charged, even if CDBS benefits have been fully used up.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is an Australian Government program that provides access to up to $1000 in benefits over two consecutive calendar years, covering most basic general dental services (but not specialist services like orthodontics or services provided under general anesthetic.) You don’t need to register your child for the CDBS. Families and teenagers will be advised by the Department of Human Services if they are eligible.

To be eligible for the CDBS, a child must be
  • Aged between 2-17 years, and
  • Their family must receive Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment

How can I access the CDBS for my child?

Your child can access dental care under the CDBS through public dental clinics in NSW (including NSW Health school-based dental services) or through private dental providers.

Using the CDBS at your local public dental clinic is easy and convenient. When your child attends a public dental service, you will be asked to sign a form allowing us to bulk-bill for the services we provide.

If your child’s care is being provided through the NSW Health Primary School Mobile Dental Program, a bulk-billing consent form has been included with your Parent Information and Consent Pack.

No out-of-pocket costs

There are no gap fees for services provided at public dental clinics in NSW – even if the $1,000 benefit cap is reached, or if your child needs treatment that is not covered by the CDBS.

Quality of care

Regardless of whether your child is eligible for the CDBS, they will still benefit from the same high standard of care that all our patients receive. NSW Health has highly trained staff, including dentists and oral health therapists, who are experienced in providing dental care to children.​​​​



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